Yorkshire Zombies

Yorkshire Zombies

Today we visited the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde, so I’m going to talk about zombies in Yorkshire. We were sitting in the lobby of the Far View Lodge in Mesa Verde National Park, and Paula wanted to show some of the other visitors a picture of our narrowboat, Wharram Percy. I did a quick Google of “narrowboat wharram percy” and the second result that turned up was
Wharram Percy Bodies

Well, I’m happy to say that when I checked the article it wasn’t our Wharram Percy that had had to defend against zombie attack. The boat was named after an abandoned medieval village in Yorkshire, which by a strange coincidence was also called Wharram Percy. It’s a significant archeological site, and a recent dig revealed that bodies buried there had had limbs and heads chopped off and body parts burned after death after death. The academics doing the research suggested that it was to stop the dead rising again.

Of course, it’s far more likely that this was done in self defense after the dead had already risen and were in search of some tasty brains to snack on. The fact that Wharram Percy is an ‘abandoned’ medieval village leaves us with only one conclusion. In the end the zombies won.

Mesa Verde was abandoned about the same time that Wharram Percy was being threatened by zombies. Coincidence? Or were the undead on the march all over the world? In 1990 the US Government passed The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, which prevents archeological work on Native American burial grounds, so there is no way we can find evidence of the zombification of North America…

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