A Trip To The Emergency Room

A Trip To The Emergency Room

The view from our campsite is most excellent.
View from campsite
Paula has a minor heart condition which occasionally results in palpitations. Normally attacks only last a few minutes, but she had one that lasted all night, probably triggered by the altitude, so we went into the emergency room to make sure that everything was OK. By the time we got there the attack was over, but they kept her under observation for a while, and she had another little one while she was on the monitor. The medics confirmed that this was annoying rather than life threatening, and sent us on our way with a prescription for some meds to be taken if things continued to be bad.

Back in camp more of the gang had arrived, and we had fun trying to spot the elk in the valley below.

Meanwhile, Tom demonstrated his dutch oven fu with a three high.
Dutch Oven Fu
The duck ragout was delicious.
Duck Ragout

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