Approaching Coventry

Approaching Coventry

This morning I cycled back to the glass blowing studio to see how that bowl we has watched being made turned out.
Glass Bowl
Very nice.

We were running out of various sorts of food, so we decided to head for the nearest Tesco, which is on the way into Coventry. Unlike the Ashby Canal, which does not get to Ashby, the Coventry Canal actually makes it all the…

Ooooh, look, first Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy boat name.
HHGTG boat name

As I was saying, the Coventry Canal actually goes right into Coventry where it dead ends, though most people turn off onto the Oxford Canal for points south. We will go that way in a few days, but for the time being we are heading into town, because apart from Tesco they have a cathedral, a transport museum, and a statue of a naked woman on a horse.

The approach to the center was a little quirky. We passed a scrapyard/boatyard that reminded me of Gary’s place in Freeport.

Right after that there is a region of strange figures along the canal side.
Strange Figures
Another Strange FigureOne last strange figure

Then there was a strangely decorated bridge…
Strange Bridge

and a house with a huge rusty metal fish eating a butterfly.

I usually keep an eye on the amount of graffiti under bridges to see what sort of neighborhood we are in. There are some signs of graffiti in Coventry, but it has mostly been painted over, so the city is making an effort. Incidentally, I’ve noticed a curious relationship in our travels. The more sheep we see along the canal side, the less graffiti there is under the bridges. We can only assume that sheep form highly effective vigilante gangs who will relentlessly nibble and nudge graffiti artists until they give up and go elsewhere.

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