Woof and Prickle

Woof and Prickle

We started making our way back down the Ashby Canal today, and moored up for the night near Dadlington, a one pub village. The pub hadn’t even been able to make it and had been foreclosed by the bank and shut down when a roving American restauranteur bought it up five years ago and turned it into a successful gastropub. The Dog and Hedgehog (known by the locals as The Woof and Prickle) has been recommended to us on the way up the canal, so we made a point of stopping off for dinner there on the way back down.

It’s a pet friendly place. Not only were there dogs in the dining room, horses were welcome too, though they have to stay outside.
Horses Welcome
This is not some sign left over from the 1800s, there really is a horse trough next to the beer garden.
Horse trough
The water looks a bit green, but if you’re a thirsty horse I doubt if it matters.

I ordered the lamb shank, which seemed to consist of about three quarters of a dead sheep.
Lamb Shank
Yes, that is a full sized plate. Instead of the usual red wine reduction it came with mint gravy. Nom nom nom.

The owner, Bill made us very welcome, as well as chatting with all his regulars. He’s owned restaurants in New York, London, and Oxford before settling somewhere he could have a view and a garden. He told us, “I decided to travel the world to see if they were assholes everywhere.” Well, there are assholes everywhere, but at least in Dadlington he has a lovely garden to escape them.
Bill's Garden

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