The ABCs of Travel

The ABCs of Travel


Spend 10+ hours on a Norwegian Airline “Dreamliner”. Norway hasn’t produced too many notables, so Norwegian has done some cultural appropriation from other Scandinavian nations. We taxied past Danish Victor Borge on the tail of one plane. We had bulkhead seats in Economy. Plenty of leg room but narrow seats, not much shoulder room and a stranger on one side. I took my first ever Ambien sleeping pill, hoping to get knocked out. No. Such. Luck. Pretty groggy yesterday when we arrived at London Gatwick. We checked into a hotel called:


Having been raised in the Cold War US, my associations with that word all began with “soviet’. But apparently, someone noticed that travelers don’t require much more than a bed and a shower and a TV the size of some suburbs. The latest: Return to the Womb Rooms. Missing here are the usual suspects from motel rooms: telephone, table and chairs, a mini-fridge, a dresser that no one uses except to check for the Gideon’s Bible. None of that. This room is maybe eight feet wide by 12’ long, including the bathroom. No, strike that: the Wet Room. No tub, no shower per se. A very powerful two headed shower system which drenches everything, everywhere in that enclosure. Am amused that their logo reads almost like the bbc.

Canal boat!

We are being picked up this morning to finally meet our new boat, Wharram Percy!

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