List of Lists

List of Lists

It’s Paula!

Surprising things

  • English groceries are cheap and nice. Many more drinks options, zillions of cheeses, nice meats, decent produce and breads. Not big on organic options.
  • Sleeping on a 4 ft wide bed is doable! Same length as at home (80″) But Andrew is on the inside, though.
  • Hardware in hardware stores is lovely and nice quality. Things I don’t often see at home.
  • More racial diversity than when I first visited +/- 30 years ago. Not uncommon to see head scarfs on women in the cities, some hijabs, even some burqas.
  • I have made some vocabulary shifts (car park, toilets, etc.) without realizing it.
  • Dragonflies! Very beautiful and colorful…haven’t yet seen a live kingfisher, but saw some lovely stuffed ones.
  • Loads of thrift stores (charity shops) in most towns although small and not very varied.

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