We filled the diesel tank today. It cost about £131 ($171), which seems like a lot, but the last time we filled it was May 26th near Leeds, so that means we are spending about £3.45 ($4.50) a day in fuel. In fact our fuel costs are cheaper than the cost of traveling by train to the same places. We also stopped for groceries at Gnosall Heath, a fact which I mention only because it is pronounced NO-zull.

The Shroppie continues its path of cuttings and embankments, with a single lock thrown in for variety. Our last cutting of the day was enhanced by a kingfisher who keep zooming ahead of the boat, perching, and then zooming ahead of us again. Kingfishers definitely zoom. Pigeons flutter, ducks plummet, geese engage in long range reconnaissance missions, but kingfishers zoom in a highly purposeful way. They have kingfishery business to deal with at high speed. They know they have the baddest threads, but have better things to do than to show them off.

We moored up in Brewood (pronounced BROOD), which we had explored last year, so I don’t need to tell you about Speedwell Castle again. We did take a walk around the church this time.
Brewood Church
They obviously have a problem with the undead in this part of Staffordshire, as this grave has been fitted with an iron cage to prevent zombie escapes.
Zombie Cage

We loved this cottage garden, sandwiched in a narrow passage next to a Tudor building.
Cottage Garden

Finally got a good enough Internet connection to watch Saturday’s Doctor Who, so that’s what we are doing this evening.

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  1. Or perhaps Knows All, fuel prices may include the wages of the transportation staff…(by which I mean, two people travelling at 4 miles per hour might be able to see more travelling by train at 35 mph, there must be some factor for time spent by the travelers. The reason I follow this blog however, is I’ve also wanted to take a canal boat cruise (maybe in Zeeland). After looking into the logistics, I’ve long since concluded that distance traveled in not a metric.

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