Reptile Wonderland

Reptile Wonderland

You have to love a town that has a shop called Reptile Wonderland.
Reptile Wonderland
Come on, you know you want to sing along.

Lizards croak, are you listenin’
In the lane, snakes are twisting
A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight
Walking in a reptile wonderland

Here we are in Rishton, Lancashire, a quirky town that also has a dive shop…
Dive Shop
… and a balti restaurant.
For our American readers, a balti is a curry cooked in a metal bowl, and the name either comes from Baltistan in northern Pakistan, or the Portuguese word for bucket. Like Chicken Tikka-Masala, it is a recent addition to Anglo-Indian cuisine, spreading from Birmingham in the 1970s.

There were scattered showers this morning, but not enough to stop us moving on. Nothing shows the march of technology quite a much as the chimney from a steam powered factory repurposed as a mobile phone tower.
Mobile Phone Tower
That and hand hewn stone walls being replaced by giant concrete Lego blocks.

We did go through some nice countryside today, though.
We passed the mid point of the Leeds and Liverpool as well, so we are now closer to Liverpool than Leeds.

There was one dangerous bit.
TL;DR If you hear a siren you will die, close your windows to die slowly. The funniest thing about that sign is that they tell you to turn off your air conditioning. Air conditioning? In Lancashire?

Talking of dying the local undertaker sells TARDIS shaped urns for human ashes.
It beats being a mummy stuck in Burnley.

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