For The Benefit Of Mr Kite

For The Benefit Of Mr Kite

Fifty years today since the US release of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and we passed a boat called Mr Kite.
Mr Kite

No locks today, but many swing bridges to get through. We are currently out of sheep country and into cow country, which makes the first cows of the day a much earlier event. Haworth was around the boundary. From one spot you could see sheep, horses, and cows all at the same time, which is actually pretty rare in the English countryside. The landscape is getting increasingly scenic…
…and we are now in the rental boat zone. There are quite a few more boats on the canal, both weekly rentals and day trip party boats.

We moored for the night in Skipton, which has an ice cream tug…
Ice Cream Tug
… and a statue of Freddie Truman.
Freddie Truman

Freddie Truman was a cricket player of some note, and he is pictured here having just delivered a screamingly fast delivery. He was the first bowler to take three hundred wickets in test matches (ie, five day international games).

Skipton seems to be a pleasant town with some cobbled streets and stone buildings.
I’m not sure about this obsession with bunting. Did they put it up for the Queen’s Jubilee and not have the budget to take it down? Or is it supposed to add to the beauty of the scene?

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