Like A National Guitar

Like A National Guitar

Today we took a boat trip into the marshes and bayous that make Louisiana such a great place for athlete’s foot.
Athlete's Foot Country
Athlete's Foot Country
Oh, and seafood, and snakes and Spanish moss, and let’s not forget these guys.
This was our first gator sighting from the boat, but we saw several more. Most of them are still hibernating in the mud, but a few of them took advantage of the warm weather we have been having to catch some rays.
Gator sunbathing
Let’s take a close look at that guy.
Gator head
Alligators are ambush predators. Their normal prey is zombies, but there is currently a shortage of the undead round here. Apparently they are all being hired for Trump’s cabinet, something to do with, “Draining the swamp.” Anyhow, gators are now forced to sneak up on marshmallows instead.
Gator hunting marshmallow
Marshmallows grow wild in the swamp, and come bubbling up to the surface in the wake of tour boats.

There were lots of turtles, too, sometimes sharing log space with gators.
Turtle and Gator

Much to the surprise of anyone who hadn’t read the tour brochure, the boat turned out to have a baby gator on board.
Paula and T-boy

Back in the French Quarter we picked up some food in a local grocery, and headed to Jackson Square to eat lunch and conduct experiments on the local sparrows.
Sparrow with grape
Yes, a sparrow can carry an entire grape, if you break the grape open so the sparrow has somewhere to stick its beak in.

From there we headed to something called “1850 House” because it is a house and it was built in 1850 and some people have no frigging imagination.
Dining room
The kitchen, in a separate wing out back, is small compared with the scale of the other rooms in the house. I suspect that was because the cooks in 1850 were usually slaves, so nobody thought it mattered if they worked a few feet from a coal burning stove when the temperature outside was a hundred degrees and humid. I feel a rant coming on, but I think we should go out for dinner instead.

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