Back To Bradford

Back To Bradford

This morning we set off back to Bradford-Upon-Avon. That stretch of canal is very popular both live aboards and rental boats. There are so many moored boats that we spent most of the time going at two miles an hour. Most people on this stretch seem to go faster past moored boats, which if they are moored to spikes can pull the spikes out. We did stop and rescue one boat that this had happened to.

Two more boats named from Tolkien for those keeping score, Rivendell and Mister Baggins. For anyone who remembers The Magic Roundabout:

For those of you who don’t remember The Magic Roundabout, it was a French stop motion TV series for kids. The BBC bought the rights and had it translated by a guy called Eric Thompson. It ran for five minutes right at the end of children’s TV for the evening and just before the weather forecast. As it turned out, Eric Thompson ignored the original French stories and made up his own, which were much funnier. The show picked up a large adult following from people who turned on the TV a bit early for the weather forecast. Of course, it all fell apart when British people told their French friends what a wonderful show The Magic Roundabout was and the French were bemused at the English being entertained by a stupid kid’s show. It gained a lot in translation.

The show’s fame was confirmed when comedian Jasper Carrott released a single with a pornographic version, which went to number five in the UK pop charts. Of course, the BBC would not play it on the air, so they played the B side, Funky Moped. To this day, official records claim that Funky Moped was a hit for Jasper Carrot, but everyone knew which side was really selling the record.

Best boat decoration of the day, giant rainbow duck.

Boat business of the day, the floating hair salon.
Floating Salon

“Time for bed,” said Zebedee. Boing!

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