When your narrowboat has aspirations….

When your narrowboat has aspirations….

So, there I was alone on Pegotty. We were moored and Andrew had toddled off to view the locks we had planned to do tomorrow. He was Just about a city block away. I was playing a game, not focused on the outside. There is a fair amount of swaying involved as other boats go by. Sometimes boats get too close and thud into each other which could be bad news if these weren’t steel boxes. So I ignored the first two thuds. By the third, I looked up and realized our bow was crashing into another boat–across the canal.

Pegotty must have wanted to pretend to be a lock! We were perpendicular to the shore which is impressive on a 50′ long boat across a 40′ wide canal.

I managed to open up the closed up stern and hop off. We had been tied off by mooring pins and the one at the front had broken. I found a temporary solution, scurried off to find Andrew who was able to run in to the nearby marina shop and buy a replacement spike.

2 thoughts on “When your narrowboat has aspirations….

  1. umm so do they have a horn sound for whupps.Glad you are fine. that was the pegaotty stretch for I want to be a ‘babe’ and stop traffic.

    1. Yep, there is a horn. You press a button at the back of the boat, and a bloody great hooter goes off at the front of the boat. This is really annoying for anyone sitting at the front of the boat, so I have to shout “Horn” first to warn Paula. Normally it gets used at bridges where you can’t see if anyone is coming the other way.

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