Thoughts from Paula

Thoughts from Paula

Have been enjoying Andrew’s blog posts but thought it time to add my tuppence. (See what I did there?)

Life on Pegotty has affected my quotidian endeavors.  Much less time on line, basically no option to stream any videos, haven’t dealt with my phone in two weeks.  Not a big phone fan, it interesting that I even miss it a bit!

What I do focus on:  where to get groceries, helping with mooring, dealing with the locks, trying to put a personal stamp on the boat both in and outside.

Pegotty is not very attractive, rather shabby on the outside.  If you look at most of the boats going by, there are decorative tropes and Pegotty displays almost none of them.  I want to beautify her with permanent paint and in my own style.  Am picturing some paisley, some filigree, some Celtic knot work.  Have looked to buy sign painting supplies in several chandleries only found very expensive boat paint by the can so far.  Officially I should get permission from the owner. Alex, are you reading this???  <3

Had three very pleasant social meet ups:  Colin for a short but sweet visit a while back,  Mary and Chris for a very fun weekend with lots of laughs, and last night, Howard picked us up and drove us back to his home and we got to meet his lovely new husband! Fabulous dinner, got to see the menagerie they call home. Beautifully ‘shabby chic’ Edwarian house with a rambling yard with chickens, ducks, quail, dogs, tortoises, koi.  That was just downstairs.  Rumor is there are more exotic and  creepy things upstairs….

Weather has been colder than I had anticipated. Needed to stock up on  warmer clothes at thrift stores which has been a good thing.

Want to get a few more niceties before our next visitors.  Sherri and Peter will be our lock bitches for a week at the end of June, early July.

With any luck, it will warm up before then!


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    1. We did a week long trip when our boys were young and Andrew has always wanted to live long term on a boat. We’ll do this until mid September…

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